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OMG I need a new job !!!

May 6th, 2008 at 01:47 pm

Something that is satisfying. Something that doesn't make me want to shoot myself the minute I sit down at my desk. I would like to know if any of you have experienced something like this? If so, how have you gone about finding a new job? I know, network and put your resumes out there. But, did you have to prepare yourself mentally? Did you have to make yourself catch up on the recent developments in your industry? How did you do it?

3 Responses to “OMG I need a new job !!!”

  1. kel8585 Says:

    Actually I think I've experienced the same thing that you are going through. That is why I left my full-time job about 3 weeks ago. I couldn't take it anymore. I felt that I was being taken advantage of at work and being stepped-on because I was essentially the newbie (even after being there for 9 months). The thing was I wasn't even doing a job that I went to school for, which made the job even worse I think because I felt that I was wasting my college education. I would dread going to bed at night because I knew I had to go to work in the morning. Then I just decided that I need to leave. I'm too young to be so miserable and I was tired of hearing myself complain all the time, and I'm sure everyone else that I complained to were too. So the night after I decided that I put my two week notice in. I took a week to just clear my mind mentally, because all the people I dealt with daily drained me of all my energy.

    So now I'm just re-vamping my resume. I've been researching jobs and seeing exactly what criteria they want as far as required skills. So I signed up for a couple of database classes through the community college that some of the jobs want their hires to know.

    But I think the biggest thing is that I want a career not a job. And I'm trying to explain to everyone who is pressuring me to find a job that I want to be able to love what I do, and if I just apply for anything I might as well just have stayed in the job that I was at and be miserable.

    Luckily I also worked a part-time job while working my full-time job, so I still have some sort of income while I'm not working full-time. It's easier because my part-time allows me to have a flexible schedule. And I'm no longer "stressed" out and can focus on a job search instead of having to go to a job that I hated in the morning.

    But anyway... I hope everything works out for you. Smile

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    I'd been at my job for awhile, so I knew I could tell them further than 2 weeks in advance. I told them about a month before I left. I also offered to come back in for the rush season a month later and work part-time if I wasn't working yet. That was handy because I didn't find a job, and the part-time income helped while I continued my job search. I also felt it gave me a helpful, loyal image in my old employers' eyes that will hopefully serve me well for reference-giving.

    Currently I'm facing a much harder choice: I don't actively hate my job but I feel kind of draggy and uninspired here, and I don't feel like I make as much of a difference as I'm used to. I've never gotten close with any of my co-workers, which at first was kind of neat, but now makes me feel a bit like a ghost, off in my quiet little corner. But the pay is great for what I do, I'd get an extra week of vacation if I stay till next March, the location is awesome and I don't have to work overtime.

    So yeah, even though I don't hate my job, I understand. I would just start looking through monster.com and your local papers and see if anything inspires you. I didn't feel qualified for this job but I was.

    Let us know how it pans out! I hate being discontent at my job too.

  3. miss busy body Says:

    Thanks for your comments. I am looking around. Meanwhile I am also teaching myself (and refreshing I should say) skills that would be good to have both for this job and any future job. It's good to know I am not the only one feeling this way.

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