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Beautiful Saturday and motivating myself

May 10th, 2008 at 09:12 am

It's a beautiful Saturday today. I have already been to my morning jog and back. I was going to stop by the grocery and buy a few items for breakfast and lunch today, but then I thought hey, I still have some leftovers. So, I had a "late breakfast/early lunch" of my leftovers instead. Anything to save a few bucks. The food would have just gone bad anyhow. I wish I could spend more time out today but I have a project to work on that needs to be finished this weekend. I also need to do some research on new job opportunities. So I won't be spending any money today. I feel the need to blog about these little mundane decisions because that is what keeps me motivated. To be able to tell my blog friends, look I didn't spend any money today. Look, I decided to eat leftovers instead. My "real" friends would never understand this. They are all about eating out, shopping at gourmet food store, spending $300 on one dress etc. But then they have fabulous jobs, parents to fall back on, husbands/boyfriends to turn to if in need. Hell, some even have trust funds. I, on the other hand have to do everything for myself. I don't do too bad from my job either. But as you all know, I am on the lookout for a new job. So I need to pinch every penny. Even if I was doing fabulously well, I wouldn't spend money without thinking about what I am spending it on twice.
Well that's my entry for today. Just keeping myself motivated.