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Annoying co-workers part II

May 21st, 2008 at 09:00 am

Yup she's at it again. Right now. "Szechwan? Tofu?That spicy sauce.. oooohhh... Beef? Which Chinese place? Ohhhhh... Spicy.. Chicken...Aaaaaaah... pant* pant** *high pitched giggle* Chinese Fooodddd"

Jeeezz!! Get a life woman!!!

8 Responses to “Annoying co-workers part II”

  1. merch Says:

    This is why I wear headphones at work.

  2. sagegirl Says:

    I am in a job now where a manage a doctor's office but I am the only employee, besides the doctor himself. And, I tell you, there is something to be said for working alone.Smile Hang in there!!!!!

  3. miss busy body Says:

    merch, I am doing that right now!

  4. Nika Says:

    oh, real Sichuan fooooood... but how can they help themselves? I lived in Sichuan for 6 months and think that if you knew what you were missing, you'd forgive them. The memories of those tastes haunt me!

  5. miss busy body Says:

    I don't really care what they are missing or panting after as long as they do so in private. I love food. I miss food from certain places I have visited and lived, but I don't go around disturbing other people *constantly* (read every day) talking about it loudly in a work environment.

  6. managinglife Says:

    You are too funny!! Think happy thoughts to tone down their voice or get a radio. It works for me.

  7. tripods68 Says:

    Am too got my ipod on while working...That David Archuleta from AI is goodSmile I think he'll win tonightSmile

  8. helpmefriend Says:

    If it is not too embarasing, tell them off.
    Stand up where your head is above the cubicle or go around the corner and tell them "SHUT UP ABOUT THE FOOD!!!!!"
    Then, walk back to your desk. Yes, they will freak for a second, but rather than worry about whether people will be offended, you will be doing the others around a favor. They want to stand and tell them to shut their yap, but they don't have the guts.
    YOU DO!

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